02 September 2014

Made it back to Carography!

Wow - After two years I finally figured out my sign in name again! I missed blogging. I will be blogging a few images soon! Looking forward to it! Yeahhhhh!

13 August 2012

Ronan & Shamalene

I really enjoyed taking these pictures of Ronan and Shamalene, brother and sister. I learned again that one needs patience when taking pictures with kids. I also starting using another technique to edit my images, so this whole process has been fun! Hope you enjoyed watching the beauty of these two siblings, as much as I enjoyed taking them!

12 August 2012

Priscilla's Beauty

Priscilla is like a sister that I never had, and I feel extremely loved by her and above all understood by her, which I cannot explain in words how much that means to me! Her beauty is both captivating and amazing, and she oozes wisdom from God. Cilla is expecting her first baby, once I heard about baby to be, I thought it would be such a wonderful project to document her stages as she grew with her daughter Annabella! We made the project a little bit more exciting by indicating the size of Annabella with a fruit at each stage! I love that we could do this together Priscilla and I so look forward to Annabellas arrival in the upcoming week! You will be a wonderful MUMMY!

25 July 2012

Gods creation!

There is nothing like a a beautiful flower on your work table to cheer your day along as you deal with the fast line motion of phone ringing, requests, quotes, designing, driving to printers and meetings and and and, and then in between all of this I look across my table and see the yellow flower and I sigh and see Gods detailed creation! Nothing can compare! Love it!

18 June 2012

Chanel & Ariella natural beauties

Its been such a long time since I have blogged, but I promise I will look more into it this week and update you on what I have been capturing.

This was a lovely photoshoot with two beautiful sisters who have crept into my heart! Chanel and Ariella are amazing in their personality and it was a real honour for me to be apart of a photoshoot with another Namibian photographer Lisle Izaks Photography. It was lovely to observe how she directs her clients and the confidence she oozes in her work. Thank you for the opportunity Lisle! Enjoy seeing the beauty of these lovely princesses.

30 April 2012

Alexis: Backlit Beauty!

Alexis is a real natural in front of the camera and she thoroughly enjoyed posing and laughing with me as we came up with ideas on her photo shoot. I am very blessed to know this very talented 10 year lady, who simply has an amazing beauty about her! 

10 April 2012

Siblings - The Twins

Just a little sneak preview of a shoot I took yesterday. I had the privilege to take a few images of Esther's twins. A new challenge and a new beginning to a new season in my life! I cant wait! The girls were too sweet as they watched everything around them and I learnt so much about how children react to the camera, what works and what does not. Enjoy the sneak preview images of the twins!